Social Media: An Information Platform for Enterprises

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Social Media As An Information Platform for Enterprises
Social media's influence is accelerating across every aspect of society, bringing with it a need for increased authenticity, transparency and trust. For the first time customers can stand on equal ground with the brands they buy from and in some cases, are very loyal to. Of the most disruptive force in society today, social networks are revolutionizing how the consumer interacts with every strata of business and government as well, from the small business to the global enterprises, from city hall to The White House (Bernoff, Schadler, 2010). This new platform of social media gives customers, and in the case of governments, citizens, the opportunity to voice their opinions, good and bad, very loudly and often get global attention from their efforts to change societies (Ang, 2011). The Arab Spring of 2010 forever changed how political change will take place in a country. That series of political events, all broadcast in real time over social media, solidified the value and immediacy of social media as an instrument of change. Social media as the foundation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems has progressed rapidly form the initial integrations completed by and others, to where Social CRM (SCRM) is a category unto itself in enterprise software (Greenberg, 2010).
Major shifts in enterprise software happen when companies face situations where their internal processes cannot
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