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If we are looking at pages of newspapers or an online news website, it is not always shown to the audience as what is newsworthy but more about what can catch the eye of the reader first. Page designers for these newspapers and news websites design these pages to catch the eye of the reader, to make it seem a lot more desirable to its particular audience. “Often page designers use this fact to their advantage to create a publication which is highly accessible, engaging and desirable for their particular audience to read.” (Layton 2011, p.97) In my analysis I will be compare the Australian Newspaper Herald Sun to the South African Newspaper the Cape Argus.

Layton (2011, p. 93) argues that the format of a newspaper is often a good indication of its quality and readership. He describes the Herald Sun as a tabloid newspaper stating that it is “classed as popular and middle-market newspapers… aimed at a working class readership” (Layton 2011, p.94) Newspapers such as the the Herald Sun and the Cape Argus are known as tabloid newspapers because they are widely read and highly controversial. “Tabloid newspapers are often criticized for sensationalizing, trivializing and simplifying journalism.” (Johansson 2007) Both of these newspapers come across as very visually enticing when looked at, filled with a lot of images to
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As more and more people become inclined to find new news articles through links or shares on Twitter or Facebook, it follows that the need to find news through search engines will consequently keep declining. Online journalism is revolutionising the way that news is reported and read. The rise of the popularity of the internet has forever changed the way audiences interact with the news – instead of having to wait for a printed newspaper stories are posted the moment they break and readers routinely expect to be able to access both the news sources and local
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