Social Media Analytics Using Big Data Technique

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1) Social media analytics using big data technique Big data: What is considered “big data” varies depending on the capabilities of the users and their tools, and continuous data generation make Big Data a moving target. Thus, what currently is considered to be "Big Data" doesn’t seem to be same in the coming days. Big data analytics is the process of comprising, organizing and analyzing large sets of data called big data to discover, design and extract other useful information. Big data analytics can help enterprises to better explore and understand the information contained within the data and will also help to recognize the data which becomes critical for future business decisions. Big data analysts basically depends on the knowledge of the analyzed data Introduction: Social Media Analytics is a criteria that helps organizations measure, compel and explain the performance of their social media initiatives. In this analytics, data undergoes four stages, which includes 1) Data Collection, where data from various available sources is gathered together using various available tools and techniques. 2) Data Measurement, which helps in identifying the data complexity, zeroing the storage format , designing the data flow and selection of analysis tools 3) Data Analysis, where data is presented in an interactive manner to the management, as well as the
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