Social Media And Communication Analysis

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Communication is a life skill and systematic process in which people interact with and through symbols in order to create and interpret meaning. Communication styles vary amongst cultures, age groups, genders, and sexualities. With our world having many different communities, values, belief systems, and communication practices, using social media has become an easier outlet to communicate with each other. Social media is a form of technology altruistically created to help people stay connected with long lost friends, family, or current peers. Social media is used to share and receive information during interactions with others through the uses of the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are some of the most commonly used social networking sites that people interact with. Twitter users post their thoughts, ideas and dreams for the world to see, opening the door for others to comment and interpret. Snapchat does not even require the user to communicating using the written word, but rather encourages communication through visual stimuli. Social networking sites allow people to improve their…show more content…
For extroverts, social media use can lead to more FTF interactions when planned via social media and are more open to meeting new people. While on the other hand with introverts, who may already have difficulty in FTF situations, will use social networking sites as a way to stay connected with people they already know and use the internet as a more comfortable setting to communicate. Social media has become a whole other reality where people can express themselves freely on their own terms, and can control and set the tone. Face to face communication is less controlled and is more raw. It has less room for interpretation and misunderstanding than virtual
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