Social Media And Content Plan For Euclides

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Social Media & Content Plan for Euclides Since successful social media and content plans are intertwined, this brief plan highlights the main recommendations for both areas and offers tactical objectives for content creation and social media. Current Status: Euclides has a solid presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as an active blog on their website. They post quality information, on a consistent basis, and have a respectable following. Engagement is consistent with what many SMB B2B companies see using social media. Euclides also has a YouTube channel and incorporates video in a strategic fashion. Although Euclides has a strong SM foundation, there are a few keys areas where we recommend implementing additional…show more content…
d. Superior service. We recommend continuing to use case studies as an excellent vehicle to educate your followers on the quality of your services. e. Build relationships. One of the important aspects of Social Media is building relationships with followers, important groups and influencers. We recommend creating a list of target press, analysts, customer groups, industry groups, partners and other influencers. One of the key goals is to start conversations and create/nurture interest in your skills and services. This is a key area where we recommend some additional strategies. While social media can generate some B2B leads, its strongest potential lies in helping to nurture leads and move them down the funnel. Content Recommendations: Euclides has a solid foundation of original and curated content that covers the technical, service and business advantages Euclides offers. There is a good mix of blog posts, white papers, e-books and thought leadership content. Euclides is already doing a great job using catchy titles and “tips” content. We see a couple of areas for improvement. 1. Adding case study metrics. While Euclides has some great case studies, we recommend trying to tease out additional information, when possible, about tangible benefits. For example, “Company A estimates that it reduced customer wait times by 20%...”, “Customer
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