Social Media And Digital Technology

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Imagine living in the modern world without the convenience of social media and digital technology. We always hear that technology has changed the way people live by making peoples life easier and interesting. Scientist, engineers, etc. are always developing new technologies to make one’s life easier, social media and websites regularly update their applications increasing ease of use and becoming more users friendly. The creation and evolution of social media and digital technology has opened up new avenues for people to communicate, travel and obtain entertainment. Cell phones, internet, and e-mailing are some of the few technologies that have improved the way we communicate. Of course, our grandparents did not have access to these technologies when they were our age. Back then people sent messages through the mail in order to communicate with family, friends, and loved ones that lived in different areas. In the modern era, it is so much easier to connect with our family, friends, and loved ones using the internet, our cell phones by sending them e-mails or an SMS, they will receive these messages very fast and they are going to be able to respond instantly. According to the survey results 95.06% of students send and receive more than 20 messages a day using some kind of messenger. As to where back in the day you might send maybe 4 letters a day and not receive a response for a while. “Noah” and his girlfriend used video chat and SMS and Facebook to communicate back and
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