Social Media And Its Effect On Business

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It was explained earlier in the paper what factors will be analysed in order to draw conclusions. These elements are how Facebook revolutionized contemporary marketing approach, the effect on big brands and small businesses, Facebook’s role in a business and all the tools and strategies they offer will be presented, analysis of the businesses who include Facebook as a marketing key in their business. Comparative data will show the competiveness and efficiency between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook contemporary marketing approach is crucial. Today’s technology and business environment are forcing organizations to restructure their processes and behavior. Forbes Magazine reports that 92% of marketing professionals said that social media was…show more content…
The main intention of pages was to, originally, allow users to build social relationships with a brand. Facebook is the medium in recognizing who these people are in the network and connect with them to attract shares and likes which ultimately help spread the brand name. Facebook role in a business and strategies that Facebook offers to businesses. A major factor in strategy is associating Facebook log in system. This system embodies time, it ultimately saves time for the consumer. Typically, mobile applications use an email verification step in case to authenticate identity in which results in maximizes the time a user performs this operation. Alternatively, most businesses replaced this old method, to Facebook Login. In this case a person signs up for the app using Facebook Login, an account is created for them, and the authentication step is taken care of by Facebook. As Facebook’s logo appear everywhere on the online space, Facebook is reaching new generations. They do this by targeting interests, likes, stages in their life, language, and culture. The average American spends 40 min each day on Facebook. (Statista 2016) If millions of Americans spend the average time each day, then there is a correlation between brand awareness and success. For instance, the company Hesselson’s a small pool and outdoor goods business, had an increase of $5,500 in net sales and a 1100% ROI when the company used Facebook’s
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