Social Media And Its Effect On Corporate Image

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Public relations seeks the interests of the organization, through the mass media to improve the organization 's reputation, and the principle of mutual benefit(Johansson, B, & Larsson, L 2015). In today, public relations plays an increasingly large proportion of the companies, especially in the crisis situation of the company, the public relations to maintain the company 's image to make a significant contribution (Ha, JH, & Ferguson, MA 2015). The crisis is due to some unexpected events cause damage to corporate image, It requires companies to make key decisions and for emergency response (Ki, E, & Brown, KA 2013). In recent years, Social media has begun to play an important role in the crisis communication and management.
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Because they have a large degree of understanding of the public relations is an image of the establishment of business or put more persuasion efforts for business. The reporter general agree PR is in a public image, propaganda, persuasion activities, as well as marketing efforts, and promote the organization 's position. As the role of public relations become more diverse and important, public relations progress toward becoming the subject of strategy management, it is essential for public relations to the strategy. And to a wide range of business functions integration marketing communication (IMC) concept of the functions of public relations as a commitment to development a of an organization and its product, the image and the impact of the public or the consumer in the campaign of behavior(Ha, JH, & Ferguson, MA 2015).
The development of the online technology, business have enter the web2.3 time, the internet bring to business a lot of benefit , in this case the Interactive public relations is the use of Internet technology to create a high expression of corporate image, to provide a new way of thinking for the modern public relations, planning ideas and media. The Internet is a double-edged sword, the enterprise can use this sword for the future to open up a territory, and the company can use the Internet information dissemination of its amazing
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