Social Media And Its Effect On Corporate Image

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Public relations seeks the interests of the organization, through the mass media to improve the organization 's reputation, and the principle of mutual benefit(Johansson, B, & Larsson, L 2015). In today, public relations plays an increasingly large proportion of the companies, especially in the crisis situation of the company, the public relations to maintain the company 's image to make a significant contribution (Ha, JH, & Ferguson, MA 2015). The crisis is due to some unexpected events cause damage to corporate image, It requires companies to make key decisions and for emergency response (Ki, E, & Brown, KA 2013). In recent years, Social media has begun to play an important role in the crisis communication and management. Thurs, the role of social media communication in crisis situation has increasing its status since 2005, the link between social media communication and crisis management has become an important issue (Wetzstein, I, Grubmüller-Régent, V, Götsch, K, & Rainer, K 2014. In this essay will explain the interactive PR and social media crisis, and the relationship how the interactive PR effects the social media crisis.

Public relation and interactive PR
Public relation can be identified as the organizations, companies and individuals communicate with the public and the media. It have through the indirect or direct target their audience to build and maintain their positive image and strong relationship from the media(, 2015). YOO, J, &…
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