Social Media And Its Effect On Individual Privacy

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Due to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a variety of other social networking sites and apps, millions of online users can connect and share their lives with each other. However, in a complex network where millions of people can create and post their daily lives, the collection and analysis of personal information by online social networking sites has been controversial due to its potential to weaken individual privacy. The online platforms are owned by businesses that have the goal to optimize performance for users but also can turn the masses of users into monetary value by data mining. Global multimedia networks and the advertising industry have become interested in the information about their online consumers due to the fact that people use the Internet on a daily basis for multiple reasons and produce significant amounts of usable data for strategic marketing. Revenue for social network sites is acquired from various companies who are eager to pay to advertise and market their own respective company. There is a great challenge that users face on social media as they try to manage their privacy against the power of the social networks companies that can affect their information and behavior. Popular social network sites—especially Facebook—have created impressive technological ways for many to be connected. However, the potential for social network sites to gather and utilize personal and private data from their users makes it a risky and unjust action for human
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