Social Media And Its Effect On Society

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Facebook now refers to the means of interaction from one person to another where they create, share, and exchange contents of their lives over the internet. Facebook has almost become part of our daily lives. It is like any other media such as newspaper, radio and television but it is far more than just about sharing information and ideas. Without watching the news or listening to the radio you can get online within seconds from almost anywhere and hear the latest about the world. Today’s modern media has somehow managed, by creating a completely new world particularly in social relations, to create considerable changes in human communications. However, like anything Facebook has it positive and negative aspects. Facebook affects relationships, productivity and allows one of the most prevalent things right now; cyber bullying and cyber predators. Social media provides us with a steady grounding where we can control how we want our social life to be. This control is what makes the users addictive. Facebook has quickly become important in the lives of many individuals as they go through their daily routines. Day in and day out hundreds of millions of people across the world get on their phones, laptops, gaming systems and log into their Facebook accounts to do a plethora of things like chatting with friends and family, posting on walls and sharing an excessive amount of their personal information (Abeza & O’Reilly 2014). While many view these activities completely harmless
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