Social Media And Its Effect On Society

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There is a significant change in the way consumers interacted with brand from the traditional marketing arena to the modern times when social media has become a trend and a profitable mode of marketing as it allows consumers to directly engage with brands at their own will which means that that there are high chances of getting genuine customers through engagement. Social Media presents varied and a great number of tools that can not only allow users to engage but also enable brand track the result of their marketing efforts. Moreover, the increasing online transactions and better online technologies have lowered the barriers to entry in the digital marketing arena and every company has a fair chance to get traffic from social media with proper use of marketing strategy. Companies now a days are working for improving their brand or business influence over social media and several companies are using innovation to engage the consumers over social media. For instance, Amazon created a referral program through which readers could earn through sharing books with others and the buzz was created on the social media giving away the information that readers could earn 10% of book costs through their participation (Kolb, 2013). A benefit of using social media as a platform for marketing is that it can be used to reach audience anytime and anywhere. With advent of smart phones, now social media tools like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Yelp, Youtube, Blogs, etc.
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