Social Media And Its Effects On Children

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What once connected a few university students desperate to share study information now unites one hundred and forty million people globally. Since its launch in February of 2004, Facebook’s engaging features assist in both large-scale communication and daily conversation. Lisa Davis of TIME relates an experience in an article. Although long time friend Jenny had not been physically present in Lisa’s life for a year, the two kept up to date on each other’s lives through Facebook. Upon scheduling a meeting, the two felt as though they remained in each other’s lives through the information they shared on Facebook. Numerous stories such as these show that social networking provides people with many ways to quickly connect with other people and spread ideas around the world. (FaceTime or FaceTime) A valid fear of social media comes from parents’ apprehension over privacy and protection for their children. Indeed in 2009 ninety thousand confirmable sex offenders lost their accounts on MySpace after the site discovered them (Sex Offenders MySpace). Information such as this is enough to frighten off a multitude of potential users. Many children are subjected to a rising problem known as “cyberbullying”. Online harassment “cause[s] profound psychosocial” problems in our youth such as “depression, anxiety, severe isolation, and, tragically, suicide (Impact).” After hearing some of the terrible products social media provides, is it any wonder why parents ban their children from…
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