Social Media And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

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Paul Watzwalak was not only a family therapist, but was the composer of 5 axioms. The number one axiom Watzwalak discusses is that as humankind “one cannot not communicate.” This includes nonverbal communication such as proxemics, chronemics, paralanguage and haptics. The way in which we use space, body language, tone and time do indeed, communicate something in one way or another. Communication is not only evolved by our words. Furthering this recognition, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more lack a majority of these communication components. On a deeper level, interpersonal communication also revolves around these same components. So, if these components are lost can we still consider online interactions interpersonal? While the answer is truly situational, the majority of the time we should not consider these interactions interpersonal. Imagine the following situation. Two thirteen year old girls are having a slumber party with the lights off and the sheets are draped all about to form a tent. Each girl has a dim flashlight and you can hear their soft whispers coming from within. We peek in closer and the two girls are talking about their deepest feelings about, none the less, but boys and specific girls they may be having issues with. While this is the general discussion most thirteen year old girls have, they are not speaking in a general way. In the scene above, I was talking to a particular other, my best friend Diane. She has affected my
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