Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Social media: where a whirlwind of ideas and opinions from a multitude of culturally, politically and socially unique people have the ability to come together. In many situations, social networking can be a positive environment, a learning center where intellectual discussions have the ability to thrive. Although, there will always be negatives to unregulated settings like social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People can take advantage of how easy it is to place negative viewpoints and offensive declarations in a place where it is not necessary to take responsibility for one’s comment(s). Since these sites exist, they have become a new means of bullying. Just ask Daisy Coleman, a young girl who was slut shamed and cyberbullied to the point of attempting suicide after becoming the victim of rape at a party. Sadly, the course of events that Daisy Coleman dealt with, are all too real for a countless amount of girls who are the victims of rape. Many girls are afraid of even admitting to have been raped because of the fear of being shamed. In many cases, the alleged rapists are not seen as “capable” by the city and student body, so the girl is slut shamed and called a liar. This is where social media plays a critical role, it can fuel slut shaming which causes rape victims to feel detached and abandoned; this has the ability to lead victims into attempting suicide and other self harm. According to, teenagers and young adults are at the highest risk
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