Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Over the years, technology and even social media have gotten more advanced. Some of the things that I had as kids that are no longer popular anymore. That even for me is different, but I still find it fun to have a real conversation with people. Most people today have some sort of social media. I also think that this could be cause people to become antisocial. Yes, social media can be nice to keep in contact with family that is miles away, but if it is overused and used for the wrong reason it can cause issues. Social media is causing the younger generation to become antisocial they no longer want face to face conversations, they do not need to leave their house’s for entertainment, or even feel lonely after spending hours online. Social media in this day and age has become more available and easier for people to get online. Because they have more access to social media people are wanting to have less interaction with others. This could be causing the kids to only have conversations online. This can cause them to have a lack of social skills that they are going to need later in life. There are benefits could be that kids are not going to feel lonely, but will have better interaction with friends. Along with this, we are more tempted to us our phones to stay in contact with people but it also is causing people to use them more often than to keep in touch with people. They use them all of the time even during family dinners instead of having a conversation with them. This
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