Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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In these days, people cannot imagine perform modern life with any Internet access that allows people being connected through online networks. It is also the cheaper and powerful way adopted for companies to communicate to their clients and expose products by online advertisements. In order to make all World Wide Web available there are companies that storage and release information such as Google, Facebook and many others that provide entertainment, to their users. These social networking websites are accumulating a massive amount of data and they allow data brokers have access to this information. This fact leads to the negative fact that data brokers with no consumer permission use this information to observe their likes, trends and personal interests to offer products to them, such as travels, cars and houses based on their likes. This abusing consumers’ data problem will be solved by start leaving this issue to the web market that will benefit both users and data companies. The amount of users’ information tends to increase every year. As can be seen in Chart 1, between 2005 and 2011 the digital information created globally had a sharp increase, reaching a peak of 1.800 billion gigabytes in 2011. The business report – big data gets personal, emphasizes that in 2012 the amount of data created reached 2.8 zettabytes and also predicts that this amount of data will double in 2015, a number that is as gigantic as it sounds. As also shown in Chart 1, about 75% of all digital
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