Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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With today’s technology some old world crimes have been given a new lease on life, through the use of social media. It used to take stalkers weeks, or even months, to study their victims’ patterns to find out their likes and dislikes; even something as the simple as their favorite flower took time to learn. They can now do this within a matter of seconds with today’s technology; and the use of social media just by looking at victim’s Facebook, a stalker can quickly learn what television shows and what movies they like. Where they are from, where they currently live, places they visit, restaurants they eat at, where they work and sometimes their current location with the use of a smart phone’s GPS receiver. Who remembers when facing the school bully would take place in the schoolyard after school or at the bus stop? Now this takes place in cyberspace, with the use of social media. The victims in both of these situations still feel the same pain as the victims of the old world crimes, the only thing that has changed is the battlefield in which they are fought. Whether you are the victim of a stalker or the victim of a bully of just 25-30 year ago, or be it a victim of cyber stalker or a cyber bully in the 21st century, the effect is still the same, you do not feel safe and secured no matter where you are in life. These are only some of the new issues we face as we approach the first 25 years of the 21st century, how old world problems are given a new lease on life by the use…
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