Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Ever just wonder and think about the government being able to see what you’re doing online, on social media. You might be talking to someone and you think you’re safe and think no one can see the conversation but people can see it like the government. Us people don’t think about what we post on social media and that can hurt us if we are trying to get a job or anything like that, even if we put our profile on private the stuff we put out there can be found some way. A lot of people feel that the government shouldn’t be able to see what we do online because it’s our personal life and there are some things we don’t want other to be able to see. We deserve to have some type of privacy and we don’t deserve to just be watched by people we don’t even know. This is important because some people don’t even know that the government is watching what we post on social media and they should be aware of it so they can be more careful about things that they post. Academic sources, government and industries suggest that consumer privacy has become a critical public policy topic. Privacy is a fundamental right and is valued as a freedom of speech, but is less explicit. We should have the right to have our freedom and space to do whatever we need to do without having to be watched by the government. The term privacy insures not only the famous “right to be left alone,” or keeping one’s personal matters and relationships secret, but also the ability to share information selectively but not

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