Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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The more technology advances the more we seem to find different ways to communicate world wide. Daily there are many different types of apps and websites being created to share ideas, photos or feelings. It has changed the lives of many people positively and negatively. Ever since social media grew so did bullying. However there are many places bullying can happen, like in school, outside of school, work, or home. There are two different types of bullying, verbal and physical. It can have a small or big impact, depending on the person. Many people will say that the main causes of bullying today is social media because it allows people to communicate with others not having to be face to face and anonymously making it easier to bully others. Although some may argue that social media causes bullying, the truth is that bullying is actually caused by overexposure of private life, the victim becoming the bully, and lack of supervision . Social media such Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become a worldwide trend. It gives people the opportunity to share their everyday life like, pictures of their summer vacations, selfies, or their dinner. It allows people to communicate with people from all around the world. These websites allows people to post mostly anything they want with no restrictions. They can post their phone number, address, even their social security number. When this type of information is shared with friends, they can be exposed to many dangers
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