Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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“What is your biggest fear?” is one of the most sought after questions in which many individuals reply with a generic answer, such as heights, clowns, spiders, snakes, or the boogie monster. However, what if I told you that social media is causing widespread fear across the nation to its millions of users. Yes, that is correct… Facebook, Instagram, virtual game worlds, blogs, and collaborative projects are causing fear. This is referred to as FOMO, or the fear of missing out, causing unnecessary depression, anxiety, and unhappiness to those who participate in social media. Although social media was initially created to connect us to other individuals, it has also caused us to be more disconnected in numerous ways. Today, many adolescents are more concerned with creating an ideal image of themselves online, than how they exploit themselves in the ‘real world’. They are also feeling more obligated to be on their social networking sites as they fear that others will be having more rewarding experiences, that they may be missing out on a get-together with friends, and feel its important to be posting 24/7 about the things they are doing so others are aware of their personal experiences or adventures. Social media is causing a rift between relationships, consuming our overall well-being in a negative way, and is promoting our generation to create an ideal perfect image, one that is impossible to obtain for any human being. In this essay, I will delve into my own experiences with
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