Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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The modern society heavily relies on communication for its prosperity and well-being. Communication, as a subject, can be analyzed from many perspectives based on its various purposes and uses. The social media is among the communication tools that are in heavy use in the contemporary world. It would thus be safe to create a linkage between social media and such aspects of communication as organizational or interpersonal communication. The use of the social media tools has both the benefits and risks associated with it. The last few years have seen the social media grow to become a vital part of the human survival across the world. People have found it to be convenient and useful to use the tools of social media. As much as the lives of…show more content…
Theoretical Background
As the popularity of social media sites continues to grow, it is a fact that students in the current academic setups largely depend on the modern technologies for their academic success. The random sample used for this study comprised of 60 students. In terms of gender distribution, the study population sample was made up of 35 male students and 25 female ones. A questionnaire on the social media effects on college students was administered to the population sample. Forty percent of the students featured in the study were in tertiary colleges while the remaining percentage was made up of students who were undertaking various undergraduate courses at the university level. More than 50% of the participants indicated that they were not yet employed since they were still undertaking their studies. Only 41% said that they had part time jobs alongside being students.
It is worth noting that studies in modern communications give more consideration to how the audience uses various communication media. The studies recognize that there is a range of media platforms to be chosen by the audience as would be dictated by their communication needs. The focus of research in mass media is always to examine what various media are used for and how their use impact on the lives of those who use them. The Uses and Gratification theory better explains
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