Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Social media is a powerful tool that is used by millions of people, and there are many variations to it. How powerful exactly is social media? Is social media powerful enough to influence how people feel and behave? The short answer is yes. Social media can cause a variety of emotions and isolation that can ultimately lead to depression. One common emotion that can lead to depression is envy. Social media will make people judge themselves harder because they compare themselves with others and criticize themselves for not being good enough. Isolation from reality can also trigger depression. With social media, people can also feel pressure and anxiety to live up to the world expectations. Facebook is one of today 's most popular social…show more content…
Social ranking does have its pros and cons, on one hand it can make someone feel special, cool, and attractive which would boost anybody 's confidence, but at the same time it could really hurt someone for not conforming to standards. Facebook social ranking is not the only thing to cause depression. Depression can be derived from envy as well. Envy is an emotion we feel when we see someone with something we want, and on Facebook that happens quite often (Tandoc, 139). When Facebook is a social media site that has a sole purpose of sharing pictures, events, and everyday life, there will be many people who look at someone 's Facebook and envy the things they do. It 's a natural human feeling, but it 's can also cause people to have wrongful thoughts. The more a person envies another, the more signs of depression they 'll show such as anger with people and themselves, upset that they 're not like someone, and have emotions bottled up. Envy is one of the emotions that can cause people to have irrational thoughts. Peoples irrational state of thinking lead to hasting decisions. Envy can cause irrational thoughts in a way that
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