Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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When one is struggling trying to figure out one’s own identity, there are resources available. For example, YouTube may have makeup tutorials. However resources for figuring out one’s sexuality may be harder to find. Trying to turn to loved ones may result in judgment. So the Internet is the next best choice. In most cases, blogs are the ideal option because they allow for people to share the personal struggles and triumphs with the world. Upon research Tumblr may come up on a search engine. It is a social media website that hosts millions of blogs. When thinking of the LGBTQ community, the B is often left out. The B stands for bisexuality and it can be a confusing topic since it means being attracted to two or more genders. This can be scary for a twelve year old to navigate, so blogs about people’s journey are the best possible place to start. Bisexuals have been just as oppressed as gays or lesbians. In reality, they do not have as many activists and role models because many people view bisexuality as a joke or someone who is just too scared to come completely out of the closet. So these sets of blogs will have different experiences than those whose owners are heterosexual or homosexual. The purpose of this final paper is to engage in collaborative, social science-based research to identify messages about LGBTQ persons/community as found in new media. This paper argues that Tumblr as a social media platform provides positive information and support, predominantly from
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