Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Introduction For many individuals the word ‘media’ is no longer associated with advertising, television or radio, as the word traditionally has been known. Most individuals now associate ‘media’ with ‘social media,’ seeing as 54% of Americans have a social media profile (Baer, 2014), it makes sense. Facebook, the most popular social media platform has 864 million people log onto its website every day (Noyes, 2014), without question, social media is a relevant part of many individual’s lives. There is a plethora of social media sites available with a variety of functions. Some sites are meant for strictly sharing photos, some allow for anonymous communication, others are meant for building professional connections and some even allow for…show more content…
However, how effective is social media in creating a sense of connectedness? If social connectedness is achieved, how long does the sensation last? Only 7% of communication actually relies on verbal communication, the remaining 93% of communication is nonverbal, such as body language (Blake, 2011). This could explain why the mother mentioned earlier did not know her daughter was in distress through electronic communication. Communicating through social media (electronically) allows individuals to satisfy a need to interact with others, but it could not be as effective as interaction in person, it can be difficult to decipher or interpret the communication. Seeing as electronic communication is not as effective as human-to-human interaction, it may not allow for a greater sense of connection. This prompts the research question: How does participation on social media influence University of Iowa undergraduate student’s response of social connectedness? Theory The theories related to this research question include the social compensation hypothesis which states that for certain individuals the effects of the internet on social and psychological well-being are positive. Furthermore, the internet may enable people to feel a sense of connectedness. This theory also states that the use of the internet by those who prefer less extensive social
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