Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Looking in the mirror and not liking what you see is extremely common, among teenage girls especially, but where does it stem from? Is it human nature to see oneself in a negative light? Perhaps it comes from something more tangible, such as one’s surroundings. Everyday, people are exposed to models and celebrities on social media living unrealistic and uncommon lifestyles. Why does everyone insist on striving for these absurd standards? Perhaps it’s because people, predominantly millennials, pride themselves on their ability to ‘accept everyone’ disregarding sexuality, gender, and size, yet they are constantly judging others whether it’s subtle or very evident. Although modern society is more accepting of different body types than in the past, there is still too much pressure on girls to have the ‘perfect’ body due to emphasis from media, pressure from peers, and American culture. A recurring theme Americans see via today’s media is beauty. This isn’t necessarily the problem though, what needs to be looked at is how the ‘ideal’ look emphasized by the media is unachievable for most people. Whether it be through magazines, television, or social media, individuals are constantly exposed to some form of media in today’s society. According to an article from USA Today, “Heavenly Bodies in the Eye of the Beholder”, research has been done in the past that proves “women who watch TV and read more fashion magazines” are not as happy with their body as women who are not exposed to
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