Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Social media and media is used worldwide for multiple purposes, but it can create a toxic environment for many of the young people who use it. Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, but our society has a tendency of setting specific beauty standards. Beauty standards are not only set in the United States, but all over the world. Television shows and magazines, such as Cosmopolitan set certain standards for young women around the world. Media platforms set nearly unattainable goals for young people, more commonly girls. These so called goals lead to multiple issues, such as medical disorders and reinforce gender roles, although, some will argue that media platforms are good because they allow us to connect to each other, many of…show more content…
A solution to this is to include more body positive advertisements in magazines and television shows or include models of all shapes and sizes so people can feel like they are perfect in the body they are already in. Stereotypes along with gender roles are shown all over the media. Gender roles are constantly in television shows and films. Women are always portrayed to be the supporting role to the main role, usually a man. It is not often a woman is shown to be in a position of power, instead a man always plays the boss or the position in power, where the woman serves to him. In the article written by Allison Lantagne, “Gender Roles in Media” she points out that in popular television shows, such as The Office and The Big Bang Theory, the female roles play assistants or the cliche dumb hot blonde who lives next door(Lantagne). These gender roles only make it harder for women to be taken seriously when chasing a position of power, if even given the opportunity to get a position of power. Women are able to do anything they set their minds to, but with the media always putting women in positions of lower power, it is much harder. Television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Drop Dead Diva, in which the main protagonists are women and in positions of power are great examples of how the media can show young girls that they can become doctors and lawyers or anything they set their mind to. Not all people agree that social media is a bad thing, but rather a good thing.
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