Social Media And Its Effects On Teens

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he attractiveness of social media for teens to be socialized and entertained, especially allows them to share their lives with each other easily (Gabriel 2014, p.104). With several communicative purposes that social media platform have given to us, the increasing attention move forward to investigate the rapid growth of how new generations (young people) behavior themselves under a new social media trend of self-photography – “SELFIE” (Barry 2015, p. 1). Narcissism and self-esteem gave highly exposed to the popular searching keywords within the selfie culture, teens have a common purpose of posting those selfie by self-displays towards virtual audience and narcissism consists of the preoccupation appreciative regard by friends or followers (Barry 2015 p. 1).When a question comes up related to the health of this culture whether exposing a positive or negative impact on teens, there are different sounds in the general public, so the aim of this essay is to brings up all the argument related to this topic then generate a distinct position towards the agreement or disagreement. Selfies ultimately seize most choreographed occurring not in single case. It considers the period of time to be a ‘perfect’ photograph which also promote to the perception of selfie as self-indulgent. Narcissism include someone acquire numerous of admiration from others, owning a signification of self-importance and entitlement, finding inadequate of empathy, and showing ordinary nature. Base on a paper
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