Social Media And Its Effects On The Internet

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Abstract Social networking websites are the most prominent websites on the Internet. Millions of people use them every day to interact and connect with family, friends, and loves who maybe far away or within big businesses organizations, and schools. Social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus and Google Handouts seem to be the most popular websites on the Internet. Social networking privacy issues have ruled the headlines in the first half of 2011. With most social networks, users have modify their options in order to make their accounts more reserved because the default settings share everything and such as passwords, private accounts and other valuable information that I it was breached, the user might regret it. This allows a multitude of security issues because so many people may have access to your information. In this paper, I will discuss how social media websites security is easily accessible, and how an attacker might use them. Introduction Social networking websites are very vulnerable, to hackers and spammers who are active on these websites. They might use them to gather confidential information. Yes, social networking websites play an important role in gathering relevant information of an individual and organization. Today, the privacy and security issues related to social networking websites make me wonder with is truly sae and what is not when I go online. The US is finding it almost impossible to fight these
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