Social Media And Its Effects On The Individual

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The average teenager spends more time on social media than sleep. Explain the causes of the increase in social media use, and the effects on the individual. Are the effects largely positive or negative? This essay will begin by explaining defining what social media is and when it came into existence, following this, research will be used to identify what factors have contributed to the exponential rise in social media use globally as well as referring to available statistics on how much people are currently using various types of social media. In addition, both the negative and positive effects that social media is responsible for will be outlined and explained to determine whether the drawbacks of social media would…show more content…
The internet does offer negative contributions such associal media attracting online predators, this has the potential to lead to many undesirable effects on children.Younger people’s profiles on social media have the potential to attract aggressive online predators who tactically use personal information from social media profiles to choose their targets who they then abduct and sexually exploit, before this however they are the offenders use instant messaging or email to contact the target and form a relationship with them posing as themselves, research indicates only 5% of offenders pretend to be teenagers (Wolak, 2008). social media has become so easy to access and use that it has become difficult for parents to control what their children are doing on these sites. children have also become very concerned about maintaining privacy from their parents which gives less chance for parents to provide any advice to their children as they are unaware of any lurking dangers. More attention is required for children who have low self-esteem lacking friendships or bad relationships with parents and studies show that this factors leave them more at risk of speaking to strangers while social networking who could very well be sexual predators (Livingstone, 2009). Cyberbullying is one of the top negative effects caused by different social medias as they are used as an outlet for bullies to take advantage of by
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