Social Media And Its Effects On The Lesbian Community

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Heterosexism is where one believes that liking or loving the opposite sex is the “Norm” or being homosexual is not right. Limiting student success can come in multiple forms: heterosexism and homophobia limit student success by promoting social media norms, being discriminatory towards the homosexual community, judging before understanding, and not taking their own path and folding under peer pressure. There is no technical problem with homosexuality except the ones that society creates through social media and the community “norm”. A social or community “norm” is hard to change and causes an effect on the homosexual community. Stereotypes and the way homosexual community are portrayed in the media are starting to make what…show more content…
Society is more focused on not going against the “norm” that people aren’t sure if they are for or against something, truth be told their just going against what everyone else says when most of the time celebrities do it for publicity or attention. Furthermore, Discrimination has been around for years taking people through hardships especially the homosexual community. “Heterosexism is defined as a setting- level process that systematically privileges heterosexuality relative to homosexuality, based on the assumption that heterosexuality, as well as heterosexual power and privilege are the norm and the ideal”(Chesir-Teran 267). Homosexuals experience discrimination through schools, jobs, stores and in public places. Schools are one of the most easily spotted discrimination areas for the homosexual community. For example, statistics for bullying in high schools are higher for any other place. More than half of the suicides committed are from bullying more than half that percentage is the homosexual community. According to recent gay bullying statistics, gay and lesbian teens are two to three times as more likely to commit teen suicide than other youths. About 30 percent of all completed suicides are due to sexual identity crisis. Students that are LGBT are reported more likely to miss school due to the fact that they feel unsafe or are being bullied because
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