Social Media And Its Impact On Campus

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October of this year, students of American University experienced a new sense of racial tension on campus and specifically online. The emergence of Yik Yak, an app specializing in anonymous, localized postings, created an unseen directness of extreme thought, in which Washington D.C’s American University encountered. Different “yaks” seen throughout this community alluded to sensitive topics such as the 3/5ths compromise and the KKK, all notoriously known wrongdoings of American people. I argue that these kinds of comments would not be made if the setting would be instead a face-to-face conversation or if it was, it would be distastefully received. The medium of social media allows for harsher and more blatantly offensive comments to be made without direct consequence or judgement. Susan Svrluga describes this cause of racial tensions through her article, Students Take Racist Comments and Spread Them All Over Campus. Media and technology allow for a barrier to be built between oneself and direct consequences or criticism in which may arise, thus fostering an environment that facilitates racist commentary and action. The concept of this barrier is demonstrated through the Yik Yak posts at American University as well as specific online dating websites, twitter posts and televised performances. Rowlson describes in his article, Not Just a Preference, how explicit people often are when looking for a significant other online. Online dating users often include specified race
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