Social Media And Its Impact On Education

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Social media is a crucial component in society, but should it be used in education? Critics may answer this question with a definite no, while advocates support the idea. Social media is illustrated by many social online websites that are used for communication by large groups of people. This topic is controversial in the world today because educational leaders are taking new approaches to learning.
To begin with, many educational leaders struggle with the on-going debate of social media being used in education. Not only students will be affected by the idea of social media as an educational tool, but teachers as well. For students, social media can act as a distraction to cure the boredom. As for teachers, they will slowly start to lose the leadership role in a classroom if social media is being used. This argument is important to society considering education acts as the prime element of life. Meaning that education is valuable to society by making people more treasured with an educational background than people without an education. Now that society is becoming more technology based, the education world will slowly start to lose the face to face communication and lose control of the classroom. This can result in the loss of educational learning if social media takes over the classroom setting.
In addition, certain sources believe that social media helps students by enhancing their learning abilities. In the article “Living and Learning with New Media”, Heather Horst and
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