Social Media And Its Impact On School And College Students

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In this modern era, social media has become an inseparable part of our daily life. It has become a modem of communication. People from distance places get connected with each other which has made has the world smaller virtually. Today it has been possible for me to know about family and friends being abroad. With over 1 billion user, Facebook has become the most popular sites among all the social media sites. Facebook is a site where people get to share their feelings. People of different age group and use Facebook for different purpose reflecting different personalities.
First of all, the school and college students use Facebook for entertainment. This site has major impact on school and college students. Today we can see every teenager carrying a smart phone and using Facebook. For these youngsters face book is a platform to show off and gain attention. We can see pictures, videos, comment, and status of these people who have not seen the world yet, and think that they know everything about life and things around them. For instance, we can see a 14 years old posting about life. Similarly, some of the students use Facebook as a dating site. They add people and start taking to them. After some time, we usually see those people uploading photos with their girlfriend or boyfriend and after a week getting separated. The people of this age group use face book to show themselves how popular they are. They add people just to increase their friend list and to increase the number of…
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