Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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While many people put off and ignore the issue of social media and its downfalls, others say that people should think about how our lives are being affected by this advancement in technology, including, lack of human contact and precious time being lost due to consumption with social media. Social media is currently a highly controversial topic in which numerous people have mixed feelings. Society has typically viewed new advancements in technology as beneficial and a sign of success within their country. But, has it solely caused successful outcomes, or are there downfalls to these advancements? Various individuals long for a time when technology did not take over the world. For teenagers, it is difficult to imagine a life without the World Wide Web and its countless perks at their fingertips. Social media consumes young lives more than any other form of technological advancement. Social media has a few pros, but also its fair share of cons. The middle-aged group of society are the ones who greatly reminisce on a time with fewer forms of technology. (ButtePatil, screen 2) They grew up in a time where there was technology such as house phones, televisions, and microwaves; all of which their children take for granted. This generation is used to hearing that they should not spend so much of their time on social media. Childhood is a short time in life that we will be missed in older age; therefore, a cell phone with a precious twitter account should not take away time from

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