Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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The evolution of social media has been a controversial issue over the years. Since its beginning, it has had a historical impact on everyday life by changing the way we talk and interact with one another. Social media represents both positive and adverse effects on society, but does one side tip the scale more than the other? Online social media surrounds almost everyone in the modern society, and its worldwide popularity has empowered all generations to be connected and actively participate in the sharing of ideas. Online social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, have dramatically changed and influenced the way the new generation is growing up as well. Likewise, these platforms contain a significant amount of information and functions that give all users from all aspects of life the ability to share material with others across the world at lightning speed. With all the great things social media offers, it also presents undesirable characteristics that seem to negatively influence people, and more specifically young children, to the point where many have ultimately rejected the idea of joining the online social community. Social media has also provided people, who intend to use the service only to do harm, the ability to reach victims across the world. Additionally, social media has exposed the young generation to internet bullying, violent and misconstrued news and mature content that is beyond their level of understanding. Another undesirable characteristic of
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