Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Social Media Privacy Technology has developed into one of the most valuable assets to everyday life. The social media apps developed from technology have opened many doors to allow the impossible possible. Being able to buy things online with the click of a mouse, chatting with a friend who lives across the country, depositing a check through your smart phone, and the possibilities are continuously endless. With more and more incredible innovations happening on a daily basis. Much has been made of the growth of social media and its impact on society. This impact can vastly be seen as a positive through the eyes of the general public, a strong perception driven in part by the social media itself, but as social media in all its forms has grown, an argument can inevitably be made that there has been a corresponding diminishment of personal privacy. Many forget that there is a price attached to having free sharing of personal information. What many don’t realize is that keeping information private online is extremely difficult. It has almost become second nature for consumers to openly hand out their personal information when buying from online sites, to signing up for social media sites, for getting banking statements and finances to even utilities. What is not being taken to account is the fact that every single bit of information posted is being digitized and becoming easily accessible to anyone online. We are willingly handing out this information virtually to anyone who…
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