Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Mullin, Hardy, & Sutton stated (2014) “social media are platforms that enable users to interact digitally with friends, fans, athletes, celebrities, media, and brands in real time (p. 348). In just a few short years, social media have become the centerpiece at the table of intercollegiate athletic (Elfman, 2013). Social media is being used for several components such as recruiting; fans engagement, and fundraising, Twitter, and YouTube are increasing the bonding process to the virtual realm in most athletic department. Causing most athletic departments and the sporting industry to hire folks just for promoting their brand through social media. Social media has become a game-changer across the board for the sporting industry. Using social media and the numerous platforms forms several fans as well as followers. For example, the NBA was the first major league that used Facebook and Twitter. And now they have over 27.5 million fans and followers (, 2013). Therefore, if social media has an impact on gathering millions of followers can it generate revenue? One assistant athletic director for corporate Sales and Ticket operations gave social media by the way of Facebook at try and was successful. Zack Lassiter, was prepared to do a press release, hoping that local newspapers and TV stations would follow suite in helping the University of Utah athletic department sell 500 football season tickets. However before doing this, the ticket department from the university
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