Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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When you look at today’s society, you will see a world full of a quickly booming wonder: technology. With technology there is the option to be involved in what a lot of people know as social media. With the invention of web-sites such as Facebook, which is only about ten years old (Westwood), people all over the globe can connect with one another. This technology is exploding into more and more possibilities for the avid networking junkie. You can now send instant messages to all of your friends and family. Want to start a new small business or a band, perhaps? Advertise it on the popular favorites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Myspace. This new era is causing quite the stir. Social media is a good way to be creative and have more opportunities to sprout businesses and learn multi-tasking; this, in turn, has changed the human psyche in astounding ways, with human beings becoming addicted to social media, all the while their brains are being re-wired for the generation of technology. Online networking is a decent approach to be inventive and have more chances to grow business and learn multitasking. Thanks to the web, it 's easier than ever to get the public 's opinion on a product [or anything for that matter]. It 's just a matter of running a quick search through blogs, tweets, or the conversation pages of networking sites ("How Does Social Media Affect You?"). Society has become dependent upon social networking since it exploded into existence. More and more

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