Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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In 2008 Joel Garreau conducted interviews and wrote a piece titled "Friends Indeed" for the Washington Post. Garreau brings up possible dangers, minor inconveniences, and what truly defines a friend in the new media world we live in. I felt Garreau came across as jaded by most of the interviews he conducted. He did not seem to speak with a wide array of people that gave positive impacts social media can have, but rather focused on the negatives of the subject. Garreau did bring up valid points, however, from personal safety to the aspect of different people in your life seeing your different personalities. For instance your Grandma that you go to church with on Sunday 's is now seeing the pictures of you partying with your friends on Saturday night. Specifically in "Friends Indeed" Garreau covers views on social media and the impacts it has on relationships, representing all different walks of life from a college student transitioning into the work force to a cattle rancher from Wyoming. Garreau states, "Networked people who haven 't seen each other in forever already know about the new boyfriend, and what happened to the old one-in very great detail" (122). In making this comment, Garreau states that catching up with old friends or family has drastically changed and seems to imply a real world disconnect in our relationships. However I come from a large spread out family and it adds to the experience of seeing them when I do know what has been going on in their lives.
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