Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Facebook, like most of the internet, is an excellent innovation that has become a part of our daily lives. It presents us with an opportunity to intermingle with a much broader network of people. You can form your own online individuality, while also learning how social media supports the creation of new relationships and communities. For the people who want to be entrepreneurs, it might be an introduction to business as you think of how to “promote yourself. Individuals with particular social identities or interests can connect with others, while someone who is interested in online games, can use to find friends with similar interests. With Social Media having such a presence in today’s society it’s almost impossible to not be involved in some way. Millions of people are using social media as a way to stay engaged with others, while also portraying a picture of their life through pictures, videos, and status updates. Although many might consider sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to be a detriment to our society, I strongly believe that if social networking is used in a constructive manner sites like Facebook can have great benefits on its users such as: empowerment, confidence, and a feeling of being connected. So you might ask, what does using social media in a constructive manner look like? According to Toni Brewers article: Social networks that empower, Toni states that “Social networking sites provide a platform for discussion and debate, with direct access to
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