Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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One of the common trending debates among psychologists and technology lovers is who is controlling what. The reason for making the statement is the current evidence showing the different transformations of the internet. The use of social media has not only changed the communication trends, but it has also revolutionised particular aspects of behaviour experiences. The current developments in technology have rendered useless the traditional forms of communication, especially face-to-face interactions (Gountas & Gountas, 2012). Now, billions of people can engage in conversations almost at once in their comfort. These sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and What Sapp have enabled people to build close relationships with friends, families, loved ones, and strangers with ease. Moreover, individuals have the freedom of writing and posting whatever they want on the sites. Since the tremendous technological advancements have become part of the society because of the popularity and commonality, it will be reasonable to explore the factors that motivate some people to use these sites more frequently than others. Particularly, the essay will assess the personality traits and the use of social media and vice versa. According to research done by Ryan and Xenos (2011), the thirst for fame and narcissism is on the rise among young adults who are frequent internet users. Concerns have been raised about the relationship between individual traits and social networking (Guadagno &
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