Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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When social media first became a popular business tool for networking, building brands, and establishing authority and credibility, many people networked haphazardly. Their approach was akin to throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what would stick. The goal was to connect with as many people as possible with the hope that some of those relationships might be fruitful. Sadly, some people still use social media this way.
However social media has evolved. It has become what it was always meant to be and that is a way to connect with people and build relationships. It has become more personal and therefore potentially more valuable.
The process of friending or following or liking as many people as possible no longer provides the same benefit. Instead it 's more powerful to actually make meaningful connections and build relationships online.
When it comes online networking for business professionals there is no tool that is more useful than LinkedIn. Unfortunately many people use LinkedIn to make connections but they don 't fully utilize the power of this amazing social networking site. Over the next few pages we’re going to take a look at 4 different ways to develop meaningful relationships on LinkedIn.
1. Establish Relevant Connections
The first step to building meaningful relationships on LinkedIn is to pay attention to who you connect with. It’s not uncommon to receive connection requests from virtual strangers. These strangers may have no apparent connection to you.…
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