Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Social media is evolving throughout the world and is having more and more of an impact on how human’s live day to day. Technology is keep getting more evolved and specific. While technology is keep evolving so is social media platforms. Social media platforms are being used all around the world and most people do not shy away from using it. Also, these platforms are showing up in work places as well as schools. According to the article, The questionable promise of social media for education: connective learning and the commercial imperative, “Facebook and other social media have been hailed as delivering the promise of new, socially engaged educational experiences for students in undergraduate, self-directed, and other educational…show more content…
Teachers can use modern day technology in their classrooms. Classrooms now are equipped with a projector and ways to write on what is being projected so they can display anything from the computer they want including social media. More teachers need to have a lesson on proper use online (Burbules (2016)). If more teachers teach their students about the good and bad things about being online and all the different social media platforms, than the students will be better off in the future. Teaching the kids to properly use social media will help the kids stay out of trouble and be more focused on what is going on around them. Also, another prevention in schools is security locks and firewalls on websites and social media platforms while logged in to school computers or while tapped in to schools Wi-Fi accounts. These locks prevent use but they do not stop kids from going on their tablets and phones and using cellular data to check their social media platforms because there is no way for the school to restrict use of cellular data. Today’s classrooms look and run different than classrooms did 10 years ago. Being an elementary education major, I have gotten the chance to observe all levels of kids and be in the classrooms from kindergarten to high school. While observing the elementary students, I noticed the use of Chromebooks and IPads which I
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