Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Take a minute to think about the world today. Everyone, surrounded by different social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more, is being influenced one way or another and some without even realizing it. Throughout my lifetime I have seen a gradual increase in the amount of social media sites, the use of magazines, and the audiences of television shows and movies. All are experiencing a steady growth that is inflicting a negative outcome on society. With so many different influences from one form of media to the next, it is difficult to control what sites are posting as well as realizing what they are capable of doing to the human race, specifically to all the women in today’s society. From newspapers, magazines, and electronics, society surrounds itself in a web of negativity and traps the human mind into thinking this is the way we are supposed to live. In 1928, the first television broadcast came out. Then in 1991, the world wide population was exposed to the newest and greatest invention of mankind, the internet (The Next Web). Newspapers and magazines are the oldest forms of media yet are still prevalent in the world today. In history, newspapers were used solely to inform readers on what important news was occurring in the world during that time as well as give information about job openings, businesses and weather. Magazines were not as popular but still were used by many over the years. As time went on, there was a gradual increase in the usage
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