Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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When most individuals hear the term social media they instantly think of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social networks we use today. Social media didn’t start with computers; however, social media dates back as early as 1792 with the telegraph explain Hendricks (2013). Social media started to spike in the early 1950’s when the phone became popular. Between the 50’s and the 90’s, many social media ideas were brought to life but eventually died; Border states most of these focused around a “Bulletin Board System”. Bulletin boards were open to the public, had no colors or graphics, but included the following: message boards, community contributed file downloads, and online games. As technology progressed, social media changed…show more content…
After companies established their own websites, new types of social media were introduced: MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Businesses saw opportunities to utilize these new forms of social media and immediately took advantage by increasing brand awareness and customer engagement, using market analysis, improving recruiting efforts, and generating revenue. From early startups to multibillion-dollar companies, social media has helped even the playing field, regardless of size to compete. For new entrepreneurs, social media offers a more cost effective way to create brand loyalty. One example of a young startup company relying heavily on social media is Dollar Shave Club. CEO, Michael Dubin, started the mail order service for premium quality razors in 2011 and became successful with viral YouTube commercials. Dollar Shave Club was able to fulfill 12,000 orders in the first two days and take the unknown company to having over 5 million views within three months. By using all forms of social media, Dollar Shave Club’s first video now has over 20 million views. Advertising would have cost a company of this size millions of dollars to reach the amount of potential customers businesses can now, so social media has helped increase the competition between the startup’s and the well-established. Larger companies already have an established brand and customer base, so they rely on social media for different reasons. One popular trend is humanizing the
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