Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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In the contemporary society, social media have become essential in people’s daily life. They provide entertainments, news, and educational information to the public at any time. Therefore, the claim that only teenagers obsess with social media is no longer valid. In fact, the trend is transforming as social networks are highly promoted in recent years. The population of adults who fully engage in the social networking has increased tremendously. In the article “Virtual Popularity Isn’t Cool- It’s Pathetic”, Ian Daly presents the statistic that there are sixty-four million Facebook users are over the ages of twenty-five and one hundred and ten million MySpace users are over thirty-five (par.1). For the people who born in the 1980s or earlier, they are already working for years to pay their bills and develop their careers. Therefore, these demographics on social network are shocking. Young adults are stills acting like kids to shirk their responsibilities. Due to the fact, the shallows values from the social network are negatively affect people’s behaviors and gradually lead to an unhealthy and immature society.
Because of the advanced development of social media, people’s lives become more convenient. In the past, people easily lose connection due to various reasons, such as migration, oversea job and study opportunities. When people leave their hometown far away, international calls and letters are the only ways to inform their families and friends their latest conditions.
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