Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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With today’s advanced technology of the 21st century, we now have a wide range of access to information through social media. We can now stay updated with current topics and events going on around the world and become educated with just a click, or tap, to a social media application. Many people assume that social media are our friend and that social media is a great thing to have. But, what these people fail to realize is that social media is really our enemy, our foe. Where do I stand with social media? Let’s just say I used to be blinded as much as today’s people are, who are corrupted by the vast trends of social media. Though I may use social media myself, I do not consider it my friend. I consider social media a corruption towards society and a foe, not just towards me, but to the rest of the world. What’s one word that can best describe the negative impact that social media is leaving on us? That one word is, distraction. As I’ve stated before, I personally do use social media but, I do not use it excessively as I once did. Personally I have learned and realized how corrupting social media can be, and even though I use it doesn’t mean I have to like it or even consider it my friend. I’ve realized how distracting social media can be. I personally came to this realization during my first semester of college. When I first attended college, I hadn’t figured out yet how different college was from high school. In college, I really had to mature more and focus on my school
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