Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Communication is essential to our everyday life. There are various methods in which we can communicate with each other. With the new social media platforms we have developed since the 2000s, as well as the increased accessibility of cellphones, our pockets now contain dozens of social media platforms on which we can communicate with virtually anyone. What differs social media from other methods of communication is the ease and instantaneous associated with these actions. Social media has become an important institution to our contemporary society, for the reasons that will be discussed below. One way in which social media can be examined is through phenomenology. This instant communication only developed recently, yet it has become habitualized and an institutionalized part of the everyday interaction. Social media is associated with an almost instantaneous response. This, along with the fact that social media provides us with the ability to not only “interact” with family and friends, but celebrities and individuals on different continents, in what seems a much more accessible manner than other limited types of communication, is what leads to habitualization (Applerouth & Edles, 2007). For example, it is much easier to tweet at someone or like their snapstory, than to call them every day. Actions like these become institutionalized through institutions such as Twitter and Snapchat, which are “available to everyone” (Applerouth & Edles, 2007). Despite being available to
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