Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Culture is an ever-changing phenomenon that dictates the way a certain group of people think, and in turn, act. It is their identity as a whole. Because culture is something created by living things, it too is alive and evolves with the human race. Arguably, the biggest factor of cultural change is human thought. It is from the minds of men and women that technology, art, music, architecture, language, and traditions are born. These are some of the most fundamental aspects of what distinguishes one culture from another. As mankind moves forward in any and all of these areas, culture changes. One aspect of society that has greatly evolved over the last twenty years or so is social media. In fact, what most people view as social media in…show more content…
Since that time, countless other social media platforms have been invented and have thousands of users. Facebook, which was created in 2004, has over 1.5 billion monthly active users today. There is no arguing that social media has infiltrated society and there has to be an effect on the cultures of those who either use it or are surrounded by it. The invention of social media has changed how cultures define social interaction and community. Modern society has evolved from closed communities to more open and impersonal groupings because of socializing through technology. The membership of community in modern society is much more flexible, freer from personal allegiances, and relations tend to be more impersonal, as social status and interactions are determined by functional considerations instead of geographic location (Memmi, 2014). There is a very good chance that people on social media have either friends or followers that they have in fact never met and never will meet face-to-face. Because of this, people are relying less and less on personal relationships in the world that physically surrounds them and more and more on the relationships they form over the Internet. People have learned that they can portray themselves in any way they want which helps them to feel empowered and superficially better about themselves. However, this type of social interaction generally leads to greater feelings of overall
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