Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat - all these are called social media and they have a critical impact on the way young people think and interact on a day to day basis. “Virtual Communities” (Lee, 2015) is about the virtual world and how it affects the physical world and the influence it has on the lives of people on a daily basis. “Enhancing Your Body Image” (Donatelle, 2015) is about the influences that media or outside sources have on the way people view their bodies and how people feel about themselves. The main similarity between the two concepts is the influences that virtual communities have on the way people see themselves in the physical world. Enhancing one’s body image and the affects virtual communities have on the physical world are connected in many ways; furthermore, the influences that media has over people and how that can lead into bullying, and how all of it affects the future of an individual. There are always commercials on television that send people messages to buy the newest thing or wear the newest trend and, subconsciously, people feed right into it. Influences of media have many affects on one’s body image, for example when one person doesn’t have the newest trend or the latest look they might feel unsure about themselves and might feel like an outsider because everyone has it and they don’t. Another key factor on how the media influences people is the use of an online avatar. When a person logs into a computer they can appear to be anyone that they can

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